Massage Services

The chiropractic side of care focuses on the spine and joints and massage therapy focuses on the muscles, fascia, tendons and ligaments. Muscles have memory, and retraining muscles is one aspect of the restorative process in therapeutic massage. The tension between opposing muscles is important to maintain balance, but is often unbalanced due to everyday wear-and-tear from habitual motion, as well as from trauma. This can cause imbalance in the bones manipulated by the muscles. Decreasing tension in muscles helps the bones move better and increases the length of time an adjustment lasts. Massage uses a variety of techniques to best meet the patient where they are in their plan of care and help facilitate the process, with a focus toward structural balance and healing.

While the process of recovery and stability might look different for each person, needing different yet complementary techniques, the end goal of the process is the same: reduce pain, increase functionality, and restore balance. We do this by investigating the cause of problems and not just treating the symptoms. We focus on educating the patient, not only to restore balance and improve quality of life but also to help prevent future disease processes.